If you are a person of a certain age (!) you’ll know this is a line from a wonderful musical.

However, if you aren’t a fan of the King and I, do read on as there are some valuable sales lessons within this very catchy song!


It’s a very ancient saying,

But a true and honest thought,

That if you become a teacher,

By your pupils you’ll be taught.


Whilst pupils may not be our revenue generators, our clients are. As venues, we should be taught by our customers. How many times do we sell our venue based on its core USP’s (unique selling points)? Everything from the dreaded “natural daylight” to high spec technology etc. But I ask you how many times to you think about your customer and their pains? What are their needs aside from a venue with windows? How often do you speak to your customers about their challenges with their lives, their businesses and their events?

Empathy mapping is increasingly becoming Sequoia Venue Solutions most sought after training when it comes down to sales and marketing planning.

By jumping into our client’s shoes and looking at the strategy from this side will give you the perspective you need to really match your client’s pains with your venue gains.


Haven’t you noticed

Suddenly I’m bright and breezy?

Because of all the beautiful and new

Things I’m learning about you

Day by day.


Ask yourself this. How many of your clients do you really know? How often do you make time to ask your clients about their challenges? Whilst all of us are busy (the new normal is busy right?), would taking a little more time to understand our clients and their requirements correctly be beneficial? (N.B many meeting planners protest that this is one of their biggest problems when it comes to venue sourcing)

Plus, developing a relationship with your client is going to make them remember you and your venue! Make a note of any interesting information you glean during a call or email conversation. Birthdays, children, hobbies and interests as well as business observations such a previous challenges with other events, location of events, number of events they run of similar size etc.

Make it your mantra to learn something new about your clients every day, they will thank you for this in business.


Getting to know you,

Getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you,

Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you,

Putting it my way,

But nicely,

You are precisely,

My cup of tea.

The chorus in this song nicely sums up effective sales management! Without taking time to understand the pains and gains of our clients, without truly being empathetic and without building a relationship which really supports both the venue and the client to ensure that their events work effectively, we don’t have a sales plan for growth.

So, if you’d like to be whistling a happy tune (groan) due to your sales targets being smashed, think about how you are going to get to know your clients better and consider empathy mapping to help you with this.



Taken from Samme’s guest blog at CHS GROUP. Click here to see the original.