New Year Musings – by Samme x

Another Christmas has been and gone and, like many people, there is a soupçon of time to reflect on the past 12 months before we start the next!

As a start-up, it’s easy to reflect on all the mistakes we’ve made, the errors of judgement, the ones that got away and the challenges of cash flow, VAT and suppliers to name but a few!

But today, a pre-new resolution is made by the team at Sequoia Partnership. There isn’t one entrepreneur or business start-up out there that hasn’t failed, however, it’s those who pick themselves up, recognise what needs to be learnt from this and change or adapt accordingly that succeed. And as the wise words of Eminem say, “Success is my only (MF) option, failure is not.” ?

And that is what we are doing! During our first “real” year of trading, we’ve created, developed and built the world’s first online Venue Diagnostic, VeDi™.

VeDi™, is a true labour of love and has the strapline “To see is to grow”

We’ve lived this philosophy this year at Sequoia Partnership as we’ve developed our European consultancy business alongside our (almost) thriving UK client base. But what has made this year sweet?

All of these things for sure but the most amazing thing is how we’ve managed to really find solutions that are helping our clients yesterday, today and tomorrow! The sense of achievement knowing we’ve made an impact to our customers makes all the stresses and strains of running a business worthwhile. That, and the amazing people who have supported and continue to support us on our journey. They are too numerous to mention but they’ve come in different nuances, from the coffee shop man who cheers us on a cold wintry morning through to our family and friends who have listened to our gripes and groans with open arms and full glasses

And lastly, in our things to be grateful for is the teamwork we have as our core value on Sequoia Partnership. Babs and I have become like a married couple this year (in a good positive work way!!!) We understand our weaknesses and have an honesty and passion for our business that will help us be stronger, offer even better services to our clients and (with a bit of luck, grit and determination) continue to grow.

Samme and Babs xx