Venue Consultancy

Maximise Revenue

In a fast paced world with shifting economies, opportunities and threats you need every tool at your disposal to maximize revenue for your venue.  That is what we are there to achieve.

Be competitive

The events landscape has become even more competitive with venues battling for the same business, with ever dwindling financial resources and small teams already over capacity.

Core activity

Maybe your venue wasn’t designed with meetings and events in mind, and now you are looking for other ways to maximise revenue to support your core activity.


To be ahead of the competition, venues must take time to review, audit and future proof their events revenues in a planned, strategic way that can deliver results.

Most importantly you need us to question you…

challenge assumptions and ensure you perfectly balance playing to your strengths while generating income to support sustainable growth.

Sequoia Venue Solutions

Venue Diagnostic

The Challenge

The Venue Diagnostic has been developed by the team at Sequoia Venue Solutions based on years of working with multi-priority, unique and unusual venues. This tool will apply vast venue, events and business acumen, analytics, audit and customer experience to help you grow your business strategically, holistically and sustainably

The Solution

Together with a group of expert event professionals, we have created a health check for venues that will focus on 5 areas – business, venue, team, sales & marketing and stakeholders. Based on this standards, we can identify areas of excellence and most importantly areas of improvement. We can save time analysing the venue and focus on  actions and recommendations instead.

With this holistic way of looking at the business, we believe we can help every venue grow.

The Venue Diagnostic has been designed with your venue at the very heart of it. It is unique as it will provide your organisation with bespoke goal setting, process planning, identification of barriers to market, improved methods of working and finally, solutions for further development and business growth.



Marketing and PR

Challenge marketing plan and provide new and innovative ways of reaching identified markets.


Engage with key stakeholders both internal and external to improve operations, communications and increase revenue.


Venue assessment and recommendations for increased occupancy and yield.


Review of business strategy, target markets and industry segments to identify growth.


Provide key recommendations and processes for smarter and better conversion of enquiries.

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